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Good Times: North Idaho

Going through old pictures brings back so many memories! During the summer of 2010, Carmen and I hiked the 18 mile Parker trail which is where we were engaged. This time, however, we did it over a couple of days instead of spending 13 hours straight of hiking like we did when we were engaged. I have learned a few things rather quickly after getting married.

Lots of snow drifts on top of the ridge

Actually ran across a couple kids on the same trail (rarely happens) who volunteered to take our picture.
Pictures never do justice

Endless mountains. So beautiful

On top of Parker peak and looking into Canada

Technically Montana :)

So many days hiking and hunting the mountains with my brothers.
Wow, that was a long time ago.

Good times: We Survived!

Thinking back to the years of growing up in North Idaho, I wonder how we all survived. Many times, I wish that we could have had a picture at the right time - such as when we scaled cliffs, were nearly run over by the tractor, were chased or confronted by bear, moose, and cougars and many other incidences. It was probably a good thing. It at least helped my poor mother survive. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

Stranded...the water was freezing to get out there. Think about what liquid ice feels like. You get the idea.
The worst part was it kept floating further and further away from shore and we DID NOT want to swim back. It was cold, and coming from me, that is REALLY cold.
And jumping off cliffs into the very cold water. I think water hurts more on impact when it is cold than when it is warm.
Sleds, animal feed bins...all fair game for an improvised boat
Notice the ice had to be broken...
Oh ya, and follow the leader. A springtime tradition
And lots of cliff and bridge jum…

Geyman News

Our drive from Idaho to North Carolina went well and we have been here on the JAARS base in Waxhaw for a week now! During the past few weeks of driving, we were constantly reminded of God’s hand of protection on us   while we went through the States and we are very grateful. It has been a busy week of moving into our apartment, finding new places for grocery shopping, getting ID badges, and settling the boys into mornings at the MK (missionary kid) Center, but it has been reassuring to know that we will be settled for the next five months as we complete the Intercultural Communications Course and flight  training in preparation for Tanzania. 
We anticipate the next four weeks are going to be challenging as we delve into the Intercultural Communications Course (ICC). The overview of the class looks amazing! Combined, the facilitators have  over 600 years of cross cultural experience and we will be exploring topics such as language, culture acquisition,  worldview, spiritual vitality, an…

Settling In

Jason on foot
A view from the porch
We are upstairs
Silas is pretty excited to have his bike back
Silas is getting bigger and is actually helpful with some things

Made it!

Miles: 335                               Total Miles: 3,026 Hours: 7                                  Total Hours: 49.8
They are a lot bigger than the picture makes them out to be

Pulled over at a dam to get some pictures
Unfortunately it was raining pretty hard the whole way and we could not get some good pics. It seems that we missed some really pretty scenery last night and today.
We drove through a lot of mountains...literally

And this was one of four other minor accidents. We are thankful that God kept us safe for the entire trip!

Waxhaw or Bust! Leg 4

Miles: 778
Hours: 12.5

And the landscape doesn't really change that much...on and on and on and...

Cute farm. And trees! Yay. Some kind of change in the scenery
I knew those wind turbines in Kansas weren't grown by the farmers. (thus evidenced by this wind power turbine blade)
No idea what the building was for. But it was seriously in the middle of nowhere (ie. Arkansas)
Yay! Memphis Tennessee. It was only a month ago that we drove this same road going the other direction.

This is like the most awesome building in the entire United States. The picture does not do it justice. It is HUGE.
And a castle...had to double check the map to make sure we were on the right continent.

Waxhaw or Bust! Leg 3

Miles: 704 Hours: 12.8
On the road again
Beautiful Colorado Mountains

Desolate East Colorado
Lots of feed lots
And Kansas! More of not much to look at...

Plenty of silos
The drilling museum in Russel.  
There were SOOOO many wind turbines

Finally crested a hill (there are a few in Kansas) to see the view