There are three other couples on ICC who are going to Africa. Namibia, Senegal, and unspecified. While we were talking about the fact that about half the group are assigned to Papua New Guinea and very few of us are actually going to Africa, someone commented, "Well the Dyers are going to Namibia. You guys will be pretty close to them." At first this sounds reasonable. But Africa is huge.

The USA, China, Europe, India, Mexico, and Japan - all put together they fit quit nicely inside the bounds of Africa. 

I will admit, I did get a little carried away with all these fun facts: 

If we draw a straight line from Mbeya, Tanzania to Windhoek, Namibia (where one of our new friends will be translating) we come up with 1436 miles or 2311 km. This would be the equivalent distance of flying a straight line from the California coast to the Mississippi river.

Tanzania alone is larger than Texas and Oklahoma put together or just smaller than MontanaIdahoWashington, and Oregon put together.

So what? Who cares about all these facts about Africa's bigness? For me, as a pilot, this is a big deal. It is what is so exciting about what we will be doing. Using the airplane to make Tanzania a smaller place. To maybe make a difference in Africa one small flight at a time. To help teams translate God's word, one book at a time.


  1. You forgot to add Alaska to your map ;)
    Great insight into why missions aviation is so necessary. Thanks for sharing!


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