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City of Millions

Yesterday, I made a trip to the TCAA (Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority) in order to schedule my three aviation tests before we leave for Arusha in a month. As the TCAA is past the airport, it takes a couple of hours to make this trip. On my way back I snapped a few pictures with Carmen's phone. It is rather difficult to be inconspicuous when you are a white dude holding a big pink phone!
One of the intersections on the main road has been undergoing construction for while. I wanted to bypass this and so I took what I thought may be a shortcut.

There are a few main roads which intersect the city. Let's just say that when you leave these main roads driving can become interesting. You never know when you will have to turn around because the puddle is too deep or due to other complications... as a rule of thumb, we have learned to not be the first to make the tire tracks!

Yay! Pepsi. Usually, it is Coka Cola

With a population of 5.5 million people, the city of Dar Es Salaam is qu…

Farewell Dinah

It was difficult to see Dinah go. In many ways, she became part of the family. To Jason, she was, "my Dinah girl." And we are proud of her because she accomplished what she came to do. What Dinah did was make this extremely difficult transition to Tanzania possible. She sacrificed being able to go to school or work at the hospital as a CNA. She exchanged family, a country she loves, and lasagna to change diapers and chase two energetic boys all day. Because on some days missions is an adventure, but on most days you find it is just this: Everyday life. And missions becomes what we ought to do anywhere we are. Serve God by loving Him and his people. And Dinah did this very well.

The night before we had a surprise go-away party with the neighbours for Dinah.

Both girls must have been thinking the same thing - where's the beard?
All the children (three 5yr olds, three 3yr olds, one 2 yr old) lined up and told Dinah what they liked best about her.

 Cards and drawings from th…

Silas' 5th Birthday

This week Silas had his 5th birthday. We asked him if he wanted to have his cake at his school or at home. Of course, there was no doubt in his mind what he wanted. Silas thrives on friends and what better way to have a birthday than with as many friends as possible.  Carmen was able to catch most of it on video. Just as a disclaimer, I don't think this is a traditional Tanzanian birthday as the preschool is run by a British lady and there is a lot of English.

We actually managed to find a game. 
And an umbrella from Dinah! Just like the one she gave Jason for his birthday, only this time green.

On another note, Jason received a letter from great grandparents for his birthday a few weeks ago. Do you notice anything suspicious about this letter?
Notice the small cut on the bottom which was likely used to check if there was anything valuable to be had inside...