Where to send support


Our sending church, Mountain Springs in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, has graciously offered to handle donations without charging any administrative fees. They have set up online giving which is tax deductible. Just follow the link Online Giving, click the GIVE icon on the top right corner, and follow the instructions. There is a small fee which the website charges for these services. 


100% of the amount given is received by us since there are no fees. Checks are directly deposited into our account. 

Non-tax Deductible Checks:
If you are not concerned about getting a tax deduction on your donation, you may write the check out to us and send it to:

Jacob Geyman
5853 Highway 1
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Tax Deductible Checks:
It is important that checks be written out to Mountain Springs Church with our name written only on the memo line. Due to tax reasons, if it is written out to us the church will be unable to process the check. For tax deductible donations please send checks to: 

Mountain Springs Church
6789 Main St. 
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Please read Why Partner for more information.


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