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Meet Our Girls

Welcome to the world Esther Tianna Joy and Tivoli Moriah Rain! May God give us the strength and wisdom to raise you to love the Creator, God, who has brought you into this world. 
Yes! I got my two little princesses!

I am so proud of her. Five hours of incredible pain and eight months of carrying the girls through a move across the States and two weeks in Tanzania. I am so blessed by her.
Right now I am so grateful for two healthy daughters and wife. God is so good!
Born at 36 weeks
Esther: Wt - 5 lbs 2 oz, born 8:02am Tivoli: Wt - 5 lbs 6 oz, born 8:20am 

We were so grateful that my mom could be there to help out. 
The boys were super excited to meet their new sisters...though before long they were more interested in the grapes brought to Carmen for lunch and all the light switches.
Going through the pictures, Carmen and I are having lengthy debates as to who is who. I am convinced that Esther is on the left and Tivoli is on the right...I guess if they are identical the advantage wi…

Those Moments in Tanzania...

I have been asked what Tanzania was like by many individuals. To explain all the sights, smells, and environements would seem near impossible sometimes. I think though that pictures may come as close as possible.
While in Tanzania I was able to catch a few of those experiences which seem to come and go so quickly. There were many times, such as when a driver intentially turned around in a busy one way to go back to his exit or when on the same street a traditionally garbed Masai, red gaurment and rod, crossed the street in the middle of a modern city. If only I had my camera out and ready.  

Something about being in another country is simply figuring out how to do simple tasks. Things such as transportation, communication, eating and letting what has been eaten out becomes a little less than simple. Where is the toilet paper? Shoot...

Oh, this looks more familiar, but again same issue as before. And who in the world decided the toilet needed a sink sprayer?

So this guy is wearing a l…

Geyman News - Dinah and Babies

Our Newsletter in a video format:

Baby Gender Announcement! 

You will probably already have guessed the gender of the twins from the picture. Jacob believes that the addition of two girls to the family will help calm and civilize our boys, but Carmen remains skeptical. If they are anything like Carmen was growing up, she will be right.  

Four Under Four Survival Plan Due to our current plan of leaving Idaho for a visit to Pennsylvania and traveling on to Tanzania within a month after the twins due date, we asked a friend of ours to accompany us to Tanzania. She agreed to come and be a full-time live-in nanny. Having someone familiar to the boys to tra h vel with and then spend the first few months with us will help ease the major transitions for the boys. It gives us much peace of mind knowing the children will be well cared for while we go through initial culture and language learning. 
Meet the New Member of our Team Dinah sacrificed her plans of attending Bible school this spring semeste…