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Psalm 23

Children are way smarter and can understand more than we realise. This is not to show how perfect of a family we are because we are not. In fact, this is precisely why we need God. Because we are not perfect. and we are raising children who need a solid foundation in a fallen, imperfect world.

It's a Geyman Thing

While growing up with my bothers and my older sister, I can recollect many instances of taking on the cold with no regard. Such as hiking in the mountains through deep snow in sandals or breaking a hole in the ice in order to land in it on the way down the zip line... You know, contacting freezing water hurts a lot more after a 30 foot drop than it normally does. 
Perhaps some would regard this as abnormal behaviour, or maybe just a great definition of stupidity. But I like to think of it differently. It was just another way to have great fun! Sometimes this behaviour resulted in ghastly consequences, such as when  Isaac ran barefoot through deep snow all the way to the barn and subsequently added a pitchfork to the length of his foot's anatomy. But overall, we all survived and came through with some great memories. Memories forged in ice.

I just barely got out of the way with my camera. 

This reminds me of a tradition I had growing up. Every spring when the ice begins to melt, w…

57 Hours Later - We made it!

Over two days later with a total of fifty-seven hours of travel - we finally made it to Pennsylvania! Below is a condensed version of our trip on video.

Is It Worth It?

Our time in Idaho is quickly coming to an end. With that, we have a quick update, prayer requests, and some thoughts about our next step.

The view from our front window of our house. Absolutely gorgeous! With the seasons changing the picture is new every day.

Two Sweethearts

Leaving Idaho in Two Weeks!
This is one of my favourite pictures of one of my favourite spots in Idaho's mountains. We are so excited for what God has planned for us in Tanzania. In the meantime, next stop, Pennsylvania!
On Another Note: The girls turned 5 weeks on Wednesday. They have changed so much in a month! They have gained almost 150% of their body weight. At that rate, I would have to gain around 70 lbs in five weeks! Not good for me, great for them as they are now 7lb 2oz and 7lb 4oz!

Their personalities are definitely starting to show more and more.

I am so proud of my wife. To say the least, the past month has been full of an incredible amount of transition and stresses which she has had to handle while waking up every few hours during the night to feed them both. I am blessed to be married to such an amazing women!

There is nothing as sweet as a mother's love for her child.