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Falling Into Place

Changes Coming   Last weekend we visited Arusha in order to discuss future plans with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and locate possible housing. We were pleased to come back home with the next three months planned and having found a furnished house to move to.
New Schedule Highlights A lot still needs to happen before the end of August:  May - Dinah leaves and Jacob has to study for and take aviation written exams.  June - Full-time language studies end and we attend the annual SIL conference.  July - Before the SIL conference ends, Jacob will be flying to the UK for a week of MAF training. The day after returning to Tanzania from the UK, we plan to move to Arusha. Once in Arusha, Jacob will begin flying in preparation for a flight test to transfer his USA pilot licenses over to Tanzania.  August - Jacob will go back to Dar Es Salaam in order to take the flight test. Upon returning, he will start two weeks of ground and flight training with MAF in Arusha.
Bloopers In the process of learnin…


On Friday, Carmen, the girls, and I left for Arusha. We have some meetings with MAF regarding our future move to Arusha and scheduling. The boys are staying in Dar Es Salaam with Dinah. We plan to return to Dar Keshokutwa (the day after tomorrow) which will be Monday. We would appreciate prayer for the meetings on Monday with MAF. There are many things such as flight testing, Tanzania pilot certification, and our move which need to be discussed.
Since Carmen and I have been carrying the girls with us wherever we have gone, they have been quite a hit. The Tanzanian women really love to hold them and are always asking if they can get selfies with them. They have been a great way to make friends and start conversations.
The girls in the previous picture gave her back apologising because they got lipstick on her head.
No, this is not Kilimanjaro, though Kili is nearby. It is Mount Meru at 14,692 feet (4,562m). It is a dormant volcano with its last eruption, being small, in 1910.
The weat…

To Be a Child Again

This video highlights some challenges we have been facing along with important lessons God has been teaching us. We are not alone, as the other two families who began language with us in February have been facing similar life lessons while in Tanzania.
Much of the footage is from our week in Morogoro during our language acquisition workshop as seen in the latter half of the blog post  Still Small Voice. I had planned to create this video shortly thereafter, however, life caught threw a monkey wrench into my plans and it had to be put off until now.

Jason is Three!

Born April 12, 2014, in Libby, Montana. Jason Timothy - Healed to Honor God
One day old back in Idaho
First birthday
 Second birthday in Waxhaw, North Carolina
He was so excited for his birthday (which is what he calls cake)!
He begged to be the one to cut it... it's a butter knife.
 "How old are you now?!?"
"Two? Really?"
"Yep! You are three!"
His Dinah girl (as he calls her) helped make his birthday extra special by making him a gluten/ dairy free lemon coconut cake!

With the rainy season upon us, this gift along with his new crocs will come in handy quite often :)

All Four

Esther (white) Tivoli (pink)

Not so sure about this.

She actually liked it. I guess when sucking on fingers is so important, trying someone else's is not a problem

And of course, as soon as I pulled my camera out, the boys started vying for attention...

The Girls

It has been a while since I have posted pictures of the girls and people have been asking. In the meantime, I decided to give a little update on their progress in life.
At 5 months and 12 pounds each, our two little princesses have been quickly growing and learning about life.
They are able to sit up when supported,
hold their heads up very well,
roll over and grab their feet,

and they love standing.
Of course, they have two big brothers who love them a lot!
Maybe a little too much sometimes...
Their Mommy has been amazing with them, and their smiles tell us every day how happy they are.
 And of course, their Daddy is great at making their day.
At the end of the day Esther,
and Tivoli are very tired and ready for a good night's sleep. Life for them is so simple right now. Before I know it, they will be crawling, walking, talking, and then having their own life adventures. Lord, please give us strength and wisdom to guide them to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We only have so l…

That Day

Monday morning last week I awoke, fresh and ready to conquer the day. Since Dinah was in South Africa to renew her visa, I have the day off from language classes. I have a daunting 'To Do' list to begin hacking away at. Some of these, such as emails and taxes, had been put off for far too long. Optimistic that I could check off a fair amount, I go about getting ready for the day and then heading out to the SIL office.
8:10 Settling down into my chair I let out a sigh, "Ahhhh, finally. Aircon and some quite all to myself." Just perfect. Well, First things first. My desktop had taken the appearance of a delicious steak covered in flies and I can hardly even tell what picture lays underneath. Much better.

Next, taxes or email? Email wins out. Besides, I have been procrastinating on getting taxes together for so long that I might as well continue.  
8:55 And thus proceeds the morning…until I receive a call from Carmen that she is planning on going grocery shopping. This i…