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Thetis Island

This past week we stayed at Thetis Island off the coast of Vancouver Island. We were surprised by the amount of blackberries that grew in the wild. In fact, there were so many that they were sometimes considered a weed. 

And that blackberry is actually that size. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it!

And finally, a little video we put together.

July Update

Exhausted but Encouraged  So much has happened over the past month. A little over a week ago we landed in Chicago after a two-week visit to Tanzania. Though we found the trip to be incredibly encouraging and productive, we also found ourselves very tired. Out of curiosity, I added up the total hours we spent in transit via aircraft, train, bus, car, taxi, etc. I came up with about 195 hours from this past month alone. Add to that all the meetings, discussions, introductions, moving, culture, language, etc. No wonder we felt so exhausted! Ironically, discovering first hand how exhausting travel can be, showed us how crucial it is for us to be in Tanzania supporting Bible translators through aviation.  
                                                                                    What we found out Every Bible translator we talked to who had previously used the aircraft spoke very highly about its utilization. For them it often meant turning an exhausting 12-14 hour trek over unimprov…