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Still Small Voice

Today we dropped Dinah off at the airport. Our 26 mile drive took over 3 hours which averages out to be about 9 mph or, in Tanzania terms, 29 speed bumps per hour.
Since she is on a tourist visa, she needs to leave the country in order to have it renewed. She arrives today in Johannesburg, South Africa, and will be staying with some friends of ours until Monday.

And a stowaway on the window (below)... at least we were insured by Geico

Notice the guy under the bag?

One intersection took 50 minutes to get through. Good for roadside business! You can literally buy anything next to the road. 

On Another Note:
It is difficult to write about Tanzania after having a bad day. In all fairness, there are many good days and there are many difficult ones too. In the midst of a good day or week, there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be. It is almost as if God is allowing me to taste a tangible confirmation of our calling to serve in Tanzania. On the days that don't go so well, how…

Morning Walk

This morning Carmen and I went for a walk together around our neighbourhood.

Not really being able to hold hands, as we did in the States, is something we miss. Often, we will see the same gender holding hands, as this is a cultural norm, but a man holding a woman's hand is seen as displaying too much affection in public. 

The rainy season has begun and it is getting especially green. This does, however, come with consequences to the roads.

Animals, such as goats and cattle, are a common sight in the city.

A short cut between the buildings. And the best part - it is shaded!

A crew of workers making cinder blocks just down the road from where we are staying. So much work is done by hand here. 

Though the hot season is officially over, it can still get pretty hot here. As the morning walk lengthened, it did not take much to make the sweat run. This is not hard to imagine with a temperature today of 34 C (86 degrees F) which feels like 41 C which is the equivalent of 106 degrees F! Th…