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Jacob grew up in North Idaho and then attended Letourneau University in Longview, Texas, where he obtained his bachelor degree in Aeronautical Science. He has worked as a flight instructor, commercial pilot, and aircraft mechanic since then. 

Before meeting Jacob, Carmen spent over four years in the Philippines serving as a midwife and teaching at Newlife International School of Midwifery. After being married in 2010, We currently have four young children Silas, Jason, Esther, and Tivoli.

Our first missions experience as a family was in 2013 with Flying Mission Services in Botswana, Africa where Jacob severed as an aircraft mechanic for six months. This experience fueled our desire to serve God in Africa as long-term missionaries. 

We are currently serving as a family in Tanzania, East Africa with SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) Bible translators. In Tanzania, most of the translators live in the city where there is reliable access to electricity and internet needed for translation work. As such, making regular trips to the villages to check on the translation is an essential part of the work.

Our role as an Aviation family is to utilise the aircraft as a tool for Bible translation through efficient and safe transportation.


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