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Life in its beautiful. Sometimes I just get caught up in busy life and forget to pause and glorify God for all he has made beautiful.

Aerial Tour of JAARS

Some would say a picture is worth a thousand words...I would say, this one is worth ten. 

If you were wondering, MK Station stands for Missionary Kid Station. It's just a fancy way of saying it is a daycare for missionary kids.

N61JA - The airplane I am currently being taught in. Affectionate terms do not describe this airplane. Commonly termed "The Humiliator" by pilots here, most would agree that flying this thing is definitely a character builder. Since it is a taildragger with the center of gravity designed to be a good distance back from the main wheels, it is especially difficult to keep straight down the runway centerline when landing. If you want a real life example, load up your grocery cart and shove it backwards. Notice which direction it goes. Everything but straight. Anyway,  Mark Wuerffel, describes it this way. "Jacob, the Helio was born in the bush and every time it is moving on the ground it is working as hard as it can to get back to where it came …


Yesterday we spent at JAARS Day. It is a day long presentation done biannually by the JAARS Center showing how Bible translation relies on JAARS for boats, airplanes, 4WD, media, software, and many other practical technologies available today. There are booths set up around campus describing the different support roles JAARS serves in with many practical demonstrations and even some hands on activities for the kids!

Silas, pointing out where we will be going in Africa!

The cafeteria at the JAARS Center. Tanzania's flag is the one on the top left of the photo (blue, black, yellow, and green stripes)

One of the shelves of Bibles that have been translated around the world (there is another cabinet on the other side of the stage).

Silas "Daddy, when I was big like you I used to fly airplanes like this one!"

The Helio Courier that I am currently training in!

During the JAARS Day event, two Helio Couriers and one R-44 helicopter gave rides. 

Silas and Jason watching the air de…

Manna from Heaven

Have you ever wondered what manna tasted like during the days of Moses? Well, wonder no more. I have solved the mystery! And with a few potatoes and minimal knifing skills you can replicate this ancient delicacy.

First you need to chop them up

Get rid of the bad spots (for looks so the wife will eat them)

Oh, this potato chopper can be useful. All you need to do to get one is marry off your sister so that you can have a brother in law who appreciates fries as much as you do.

Rinse and dry them

I recommend putting the audience to work drying them

But you know, the secret isn't in the potato, its in the oil. Deep frying food can make anything taste good ;) Sometimes I wonder if Prometheus was not bound for revealing fire to man, but instead for introducing the means to boil oil and thus make heavenly deep fried foods - something like giving up grandma's secret recipe or something...but it was Zeus's. But alas, I digress. Oh yah, and if you don't know who Prometheus was, …