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A New Experience



Priceless. Seeing my grandfather, who is a twin himself, hold our twin girls. The expression on his face was similar to my Mom's when she first held them. Probably flashbacks to when I was a baby with my twin brother.

There is nothing like the legacy passed down from godly grandparents who have taught their children to love and follow their God. They in turn being my parents have passed down to me the same and I pray to continue this legacy with my children.

She did not pose. Believe me when I say it, but this picture stretched all my skills at blackmail and super fast point and shoot.   

I was also able to see my cousin play her Taylor GS Mini. Reminded me of how much I want to really learn to play the guitar.

Tivoli Eating her Sister

The other night I could not resist taking a video of Tivoli using Esther as a passy.

It has been a while since I filmed this one, but with an imminent move in a month, I thought it would be appropriate. This coming move will be number fourteen since I married Carmen.

Names Have Meanings #2

Earlier this spring Jacob wrote the post Names Have Meanings for our boys. Following Geyman family tradition, both our girls have two middle names. (Below, Left - Tivoli & Right - Esther)
Esther Tianna Joy - A joyful star who follows Christ
The book of Esther is Jacob's favorite book of the old testament. She was a woman of God who defied odds, trusted, and was willing to lay down her life for the people of God. Tianna was a Christian martyr with the name meaning "follower of Christ. We pray that she will be just that! 

During my last two pregnancies, God has given me a word that applied to the circumstances surrounding child-bearing. It was Joy. To choose joy and thankfulness in the midst of any circumstance I find myself in no matter how hard or easy it may be. This is what He has been teaching me.

Tivoli Moriah Rain - A city on a hill where God teachesTivoli is a beautiful hilltop city in Italy. In Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus sais we are to be the light of the world. A city on a…