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Growing Sweethearts

It is about time we updated pictures of the children. The girls are growing and changing so fast! Every day they learn new things and get faster at crawling. Tivoli says Mama regularly and said Dada for the first time the other day! Esther is seriously addicted to her fingers and Tivoli decided a pacifier is a wonderful thing. They are nine months now.
Tivoli (yellow headband)  Esther (purple headband)

Many struggles over who gets which toy occur every day...
And usually the result is one happy baby and one sad baby.
Tivoli is almost always happy, steady, and consistent. However, she loves to explore and escapes every time the door is left open. She really likes the dogs who are probably five times her size and like to lick her face. Unfortunately, her explorations outside usually end with a very happy but filthy baby. 

Well, this is 100% Esther when we say smile. She loves to snuffle her nose at you and once she is comfortable with someone she over loves their face with her hands an…

5 Weeks in the Making

Wow. It has been five weeks since our last post. The last month has been packed full with SIL conference week, moving out of our house in Dar, Jacob going to the UK, moving into our new house in Arusha, and the commencement of training with MAF. And we were sick a couple of times...

Along the way, we had so much happening and so much to write about, but hardly any time to even stop and take a picture!

During SIL's conference week, translators and support personnel in Tanzania and Uganda got together in Dar Es Salaam. One of the highlights for the boys was a sandcastle building contest on the beach during a family evening event.
During the conference, Jacob left for the UK. Carmen had to complete the conference by herself before travelling north to Arusha. We were so blessed by the help our friends. Above is Ruth, the HR director in Tanzania. She took a few days off in order to help Carmen and the kids get to Arusha. We really could not have done it without her! 
Along the way, I l…