5 Weeks in the Making

Wow. It has been five weeks since our last post. The last month has been packed full with SIL conference week, moving out of our house in Dar, Jacob going to the UK, moving into our new house in Arusha, and the commencement of training with MAF. And we were sick a couple of times...

Along the way, we had so much happening and so much to write about, but hardly any time to even stop and take a picture!

During SIL's conference week, translators and support personnel in Tanzania and Uganda got together in Dar Es Salaam. One of the highlights for the boys was a sandcastle building contest on the beach during a family evening event.

During the conference, Jacob left for the UK. Carmen had to complete the conference by herself before travelling north to Arusha. We were so blessed by the help our friends. Above is Ruth, the HR director in Tanzania. She took a few days off in order to help Carmen and the kids get to Arusha. We really could not have done it without her! 

Along the way, I learned how creative Carmen can actually be. As many of you know, Jason had a very difficult time coping with the amount of change and transition being thrown his way. As a consequence, there were many tears, fits of anger, and messy pants... The airport was no exception. With the last pair of Jason's pants compromised, Carmen was left with only two options... I suppose in Africa you may get away with a naked child in the airport and the airplane, but using a long sleeve shirt may as well avoid the answer to that speculation!

In Arusha, the girls were able to crawl around in the grass for the first time!

And the boys found this baby snake and one other which was a little larger. This is a slight concern of ours because among the many poisonous snakes of Tanzania, the most dangerous are the Puff Adder, Gabon Viper, Black and Green Mambas, Boomslang, and several cobras including the spitting cobra...Makes me shiver just typing it! Anyway, the larger of the two turned out to be the Tanzanian equivalent of a gardener snake which is quite common and harmless.

And scary movies, such as Babe the Pig. When Ester is frightened, she clenches Tivoli for dear life while maintaining a varied, but mostly horrified expression. It is actually pretty funny.

Those two love each other so much. Already best of friends. Though mostly congenial and happy together, I will admit that today in church they had quite the fight over who could have the only toy. Esther is a little more tenacious with her grip. 

The boys are really loving the dirt, trees, and space to run around. We are surrounded by small farms and there are many cattle and goats free ranging in the city. 

They found the water spigot

Since arriving from the UK, I have been flying and spending time in the office. Above is a panoramic of Haydom (Hie-dom) airfield. It is a central location close to the hospital which is central to many airfields in the surrounding area.

Though I am not yet able to fly on my own, it has been really good to get back into an airplane after thirteen months. I still have to gain 6 hours in a USA registered aircraft, obtain my Tanzanian Commercial conversion licence, and then complete the MAF Tanzania flight training starting in mid-August.

We are past the rainy season, which was bad this year.   

It is incredible how much the land below changes during our flight. From stretches of roadless Masai cattle land, small farms, and mountains rising above the Rift Valley, the diversity is truly incredible.

And back in Arusha.


  1. Eva says: "The girls are so, so much bigger since the last time I saw them!"

    Jude says, "I am going to a baseball game on Friday!"

    And I wish I was flying above the Tanzanian landscape today--thanks for those pictures!

  2. You guys are amazing! We pray for you everyday, but I gotta tell ya! I have been really zeroing in on your children in prayer! They did not choose this life and, like you have discovered, it can be difficult to cope with so much change consistently! Our prayer is for submissive spirits, for an under-girding joy that will buoy them up and along this journey, so that THEY will feel it as their own! It will become an adventure that compels and intrigues them with anticipation for the future! We are so proud of them - and you! Keep on keepin on! :a) Shalom, Rebecca<")))><

  3. great blog keep the post coming - creative family or at least at the beach:)


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